Class meetings for some classes are being held to finalize the 2015 plans







  • As of September 1, 2013 due to an incident during the Mini Stock Event on that date, it has been determined that Chad Barker, was in violation of Rule 6.5, Improper Driving, under Section 6, Racing Rules and Procedures. It has been determined the severity of the offense is punishable by suspension from competition for the remainder of the 2013 Racing Season.
  • As of September 1, 2013 due to an incident during the ASA Modified Main Event on that date, it has been determined that Shelby Stroebel, was in violation of Rule 6.17.4, Fines, $100.00 fine for abusive language toward any HWY 16, LLC, employee, competitor or participant. Fine shall be paid to the Meridian Speedway office prior to participation in future events.
  • As of September 13, 2013 due to an incident during a Pro-4 event on August 11, 2012, Darren Fitch & Jordan Fitch were suspended from competition for a period of at least 2 years. At the request of one of the Fitch Racing Team members, a review was made of the remaining suspension.

Meridian Speedway Officials have considered the request and it was determined that the remaining suspension shall be withheld during a probationary period.  The probationary period will commence when the fine for rule violation 6.17.4, Fines, $100.00 fine for abusive language toward any HWY 16, LLC, employee, competitor or participant is paid at the Speedway Office.
Stipulations of competition: Any future incidents involving any team members will result in the indefinite suspension of all team members.


8-1-13 Racers;
please excuse any offensive behavior from certain Meridian Speedway Officials, the offence we are referring to hase been addressed and will not happen again.



As of next Tuesday, drivers meetings will start. Topics of course will be rule book review and discussion. We are scheduling these meetings very early this year as there are minimal changes planned and we would like to put the 2013 stamp on the rules for each division.

The following meetings will be held at Meridian Lanes on Meridian Rd, across from Meridian Speedway.
Just ask inside to be directed to the “meeting room” Food and Spirits are tasty and inexpensive.

Anyone with an interest in any of the below divisions is invited to attend and participate.

We will be starting with theWinged Sprintcars on Tuesday, Oct 9th at 7pm.
*agenda- 2013 schedule (local & touring)
Next will be the Pepsi Sprintcars on Wednesday, Oct 10th, at 6:30
*agenda- RR tire & schedule
on the same night, A&B Modifieds, Wednesday, Oct 10th, at 7:30
*agenda- OPEN FLOOR
Thursday Oct 11th, we will conclude the week with Mini Stocks at 6:30
*agenda- OPEN FLOOR
and Oct 11th the Street Stocks will wrap it up at 7:30
*agenda- OPEN FLOOR

The remaining division meetings will be announced after these initial meetings have concluded.
Thanks and stay tuned.


To whom it may concern,
Effective immediately, the #0 and #10 Pro-4 team owners, drivers and crew are hereby notified that the Meridian Speedway management is complying with their requests. Both teams are no longer permitted to enter the speedway premises during the remainder of the 2012 racing season and continuing on through the 2013 and 2014 racing seasons.
Both teams were cited for various rule book violations, including on track behavior and pit area procedures, also berating of Officials, Security & Management.

Meridian Speedway



July 16, 2012

Pepsi Sprintcar Tire update:
We have one race left on the 14″ RR tire.
The final 2 races we will be allowed to run the 17″ RR Tire that American Racer makes. It’s the same tire that we have just wider. The cost is the same, so we figure this is a good time to do a test on the tire to see if it is good or bad for the 2013 class of Pepsi Sprintcars.
We have plenty of them at the speedway office if any of you would like to get one to practice on between now and the first “big tire” race on 8-25

March 16, 2012

PRO-4 Tire update:
Just checked with Hoosier, It appears that the R&D tire that we are expecting to arrive for a test was built today.
Hope to see them show up in the office in a few days.

March 16, 2012

Attn Pepsi Sprintcar teams:
A new shipment of American Racer Tires came in today.
You can get first pick of the new stock of tires if you want to swing into the Speedway this week.
All pricing from 2011 will remain, there were no increases imposed from American Racer.


March 12, 2012

Attn Super Stock Division:
Rule 11.7.11 shall be clarified further as to only allow the gold WB Pro Series Shocks.
No other shock will be allowed. Please plan accordingly.
This is an official addendum to the rule book.



February 28, 2012

Pro-4 Tire Testing has been scheduled. We should have a few sets of the new 23.5/9.5-13 and 23.0/9.5-13 tires ready for a few laps of testing by the second week of March. We’ll need a couple of cars that are ready and willing to do the test. If we are happy with the tire Hoosier Tire West will go into production immediatly so we can have a large stock of them available prior to the April 14 &15 test weekend. Please call the office and let us know if you will have a car available to do some testing in mid March.




February 22. 2012

B-Modified tires have been received and are ready to pick up at anytime.
These tires are take-off  and are the only tires approved (with the exception of  the 970) for use in 2012.
The tires are GoodYear D2265 rights, D2263 lefts 27.0 x 11 -15 they must have a MS stamp to be allowed on raceday. Tires are $33.02 each and with Id sales tax total $35.00 each or $140.00 per set. Bring your stagger tape with you these tires are not chalked with sizes!
First come first serve, so come on down!




February 4, 2012

Championship Bonus Points
Drivers in all divisions should take a few minutes to complete a Driver’s Profile http://meridianspeedway.com/fan-info/driver-profiles/submit-a-profile/ and be sure to upload a head shot or car shot photo. Those Drivers that do complete this task will be eligible for a bonus points program.






January 31, 2012

Latemodel, Modified, Super Stock & Street Stocks….. Take advantage of 2010 tire pricing for the next two weeks. Buy your tires and save $8 per tire. Hoosier imposed an 8% increase in 970 racetires for 2012. We still have a few in stock from 2011 and will honor that pricing while supplies last……get em now and save some dough! Pass this along to anyone that might like to take advantage. TC will be in the office tomorrow and next Wednesday, or just stop in!