From the Western Idaho Racing Association: We are with heavy hearts to have lost one of our racing family members, Art “The Animal” Heath lost his life in a car accident Friday morning. Our thoughts and prayers go to his family and friends during this tragic time.
We will try to post any pertinent information as we receive it.
As of now, we know that Alsip & Pearsons Funeral Chapel in Nampa will be handling the services for the family.
We at WIRA would like to help the family with some the cost that will accumulate. We are taking donations at this time, if you wish to help, please send your funds to WIRA, PO Box 1184, Meridian, Idaho 83680.
Idaho Racing News has a tribute to Art on their website if you wish to share your thoughts.

From: Austin Hager
Yesterday near Meridian via mobile
Today is one of those days that we all need to come together as a family and support the family of one of our own. Art Heath was a truly amazing man and a fierce competitor. Every race day this year he would point at me and say “don’t you be yapping at me today”. Gonna miss the Animal and I say we name the “master of disaster” trophy after him. God speed my friend!


Colton Nelson
Yesterday near Meridian via mobile
The world didn’t end but a good life did, Art was a good man, a great friend, and an awesome racecar driver. You’ll be missed Art Heath, rest in paradise.

Mike Davis
23 hours ago
Nobody ever got more out of me on the track than Art. In a main earlier this year Art was multiple laps down and made it hell getting passed him, a couple laps later he came back by. Afterwards he laughed and said he didnt care what lap I was on he just wanted to be ahead of me. I dont think either of us raced anyone any harder then we raced each other. We never wrecked each other, never fought, never argued about it, just laughed and got ready for the next one. The guy had a huge heart. He would help anyone, he put so many people in his cars (myself included) just so they could come play with him. He was my favorite guy to race with and my favorite to watch. He was a good friend and will always be missed.
R.I.P Animal



  1. Eric Harry says:

    Art, you are forever in our hearts. Spending time with you and Stacy on and off the track has always been a treat. Vanessa and I will miss you brother and promise to be there for your lovey wife and beautiful daughter. Thanks for the good times, your legacy will live on.
    Eric and Vanessa Harry

  2. TC says:

    So many things can be said about Art during our time with him. This man put on his helmet and drove the wheels off his car. I’ll remember him in the specialty shows, Boat Race and the Guauntlet Race…………….what a showoat, he had the crowd screaming with cheers because he had no fear to put in a big hit! I do want to share that he was on the list of drivers up for the driver of the year award. His will to be there to help several drivers and the support he put into the racing community were some of his highlights. He is truely going to be missed by many, many people.

  3. Nathan Dearing says:

    Art was a very competitive, yet generous driver. He’d drive hard against you out on the track, help you get your car back together after a wreck, or loan you tools or parts to get back out again. I knew him as a racing competitor, and as a friend. As one of the two track chaplains for Racers for Christ and as a ministock competitor, I will miss Art’s friendship and his competition on the asphalt in the coming seasons.

  4. David Jolley aka Sledgehammer says:

    Although I didn’t know Art personally, I enjoyed watching him race and the show he put on for the fans. He truly was an animal out on the track. Many people were touched by his life both on the track an off. Of what I knew of him, he was a great guy with a love of racing and respect for others. Rest in Peace Animal!

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