Hoosier Tire West is getting set to debut the new Project Filter PRO-4 Tire at Meridian Speedway


The increasingly popular  700 Series “ribbed” tire tested well this week in a wider version
The 700 will now be available in a 9″ width. The right side of the car will use the 23.5 x 9.0-13 and the left side will use the 23.0 x 9.0-13.

Production has been ordered and the first shipment is schedule to arrive in a few weeks.
Call the Speedway office to reserve your set, the price will be 120.75 plus tax
The new tire should provide the life, repeat-ability and performance enjoyed the other divisions using the 700 and 970 series tires.

Meridian Speedway would like the thank, Kenny Chandler, Jim Bailey, Jordan Fitch and Rob Taylor for time in testing 700 Series.



  1. John Jackson says:

    that 23×3 left sides gonna look kinda funny!

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