DIRTY CUP TEST & TUNE — Oct 17th (5pm)  $20 per Driver

October 19 & 20  6:30pm

High Banked Outlaw Kart Racing on the dirt.
Longer, smoother, faster!
500 Open – Open Flat – 500 Sportsman – Midgets
Legends – Jr 500 – 250f – 125 – Hot Rod – BxStk – Bandit

Qualifying, Heats & Mains on Friday Night
Qualifying, Heats, Dashes & Mains on Saturday Night
Nightly purse payouts, plus Dirty Cup bonus bucks.

GENERAL ADMISSION: $5.00 (all ages) 6 and under FREE
2 DAY PIT PASS: $25.00 (all ages)
1 DAY PIT PASS: $15.00 (all ages)

Dirty Cup Flyer & Entry Form

12-13 Dirty Cup Rule Book


2012 Pre- Entries

entering more than one class is permitted at the Dirty Cup

*Win the Dirty Cup… Win the Bonus
Make a DC addition to the class you love!

BANDIT  5-8 year olds *Trophy Class (top 3)
#90 Ashton Cristiani, Boise, ID
#92 Travis Vertrees,  Boise, ID
#07 Dalton Allen, Middleton, ID
#35 Nevaeh Hull, Boise, ID
#95 Ayden Conley, Nampa, ID 

BOX STOCK 7-12 year olds *Trophy Class (top 3)
#09  Coupe Urrutia, Caldwell, ID
#8 Steven Hopkins, Caldwell, ID
#13 DJ Sirani, Oasis, ID
#10 Riley Gonzalez, Nampa, ID
#6 Kamryn Ham, Boise, ID
#45 Gus Jackson, Middleton, ID
#15 Megan Torkelson, Fruitland, ID
#14 Tyler Stock, Boise, ID
#99 Brenna Patton, Nampa, ID
#7 Noah Tveidt, Caldwell, ID
#24 Kylie Huddleston, Meridian, ID
#54 Chase Parker, Meridian, ID
#8 Anthony O’Leary, Wilder, ID 

HOTROD 9-14 year olds *Trophy Class (top 3)
DC Bonus $0 plus Sponsor Additions:
plus $100 LFC Cleaning
TOTAL to DATE: $100.00
#07  Lacy Nelson, Meridian, ID
#90 Dalton Cristiani, Boise, ID
#25k Kate Jackson,  Middleton, ID
#9B Donovan Barr, Nampa, ID
#16 Evan Brown, Meridian, ID

125cc 10-16 year olds
$30, $20, $10 nightly..
DC Bonus $50 plus Sponsor Additions:
#7 Cody Fuller, Boise, ID

250F 10-16 year olds
$30, $20, $10 nightly..
DC Bonus $50 plus Sponsor Additions:
#4 Aiden Spiers, Adrian, OR
#99 Delany Blume, Eagle, ID
#12 Erin Huddelston, Meridian, ID
#49 Hayden Flynn, Meridian, ID 

JR 500 12-16 year olds
$30, $20, $10 nightly..
DC Bonus $50 plus Sponsor Additions:
plus $100 LFC Cleaning
TOTAL to DATE: $100.00
#93  CJ Stirm, Nampa, ID
#6 Justin Segura, Caldwell, ID
#33 Nick Isaacson, Boise, ID
#23 Michael Jones, Nyssa, OR
#27 Jenna Cullum, Meridian, ID
#13 Jesse Fuller, Boise, ID 

$50, $30, $20 nightly..
DC Bonus $200 plus Sponsor Additions:
#25 Dustin Stephenson, Nampa, ID
#30 Charlie Ham Sr., Kuna, ID
#13 Tim Lawrence, Nampa, ID
#6 Craig Anderson, Boise, ID 


250 MIDGET 12 & up
$50, $30, $20 nightly..
DC Bonus $200 plus Sponsor Additions:
#19 Anita Robertson, Payette, ID
#8 Steve Hopkins, Caldwell, ID
#1 Ron Shaw, Payette, ID
#14 Gerald Irby Jr., Payette, ID
#15 Mitchell Irby, Payette, ID
#95 Aaron McPeak, Boise, ID
#70 Mick Williams, Meridian, ID
#3 Earl Wells, Ontario, OR
#13 Ted Johnston, Emmett, ID 

500 SPORTSMAN 35 yrs+ (fat & 40 club!)
$50, $30, $20 nightly..
DC Bonus $200 plus Sponsor Additions:
plus $100 YMC Heating & Air Conditioning
plus $100 LFC Cleaning
plus $100 Fusion Ecig

TOTAL to DATE: $500.00
#07  Adam Nelson, Meridian, ID
#78 Steve Makinster, Nampa, ID
#88k Bill King, Meridian, ID
#14 Jason Hardy, Parma, ID
#51 Dusty Tveidt, Caldwell, ID

500 OUTLAW OPEN 12 & up
$100, $50, $25 nightly..
DC Track Bonus $400 plus Sponsor Additions:


TEAM MAZDA SUBARU “extended bonus”
“New to you” car to the Dirty Cup 500 OUTLAW OPEN Winner 


DC Track Bonus $900 plus Sponsor Additions: (at 30 entries)
plus $100 YMC Mechanical Contractors
#24 Zane Lee, Boise, ID
#46 Brenna Lee, Boise, ID
#6 Charlie Ham Jr., Boise, ID
#51 Tristen Spiers, Adrian, OR
#25J Sierra Jackson, Middleton, ID
#99 Cory Lockwood, Nampa, ID
#00 Vejay Knott, Marsing, ID
#88k Wyatt King, Meridian, ID
#96 Aubree Wartman, Boise, ID
#91 Bryan Warf, Meridian, ID
#66 Travis Anderson, Boise, ID
#28 Zach Blume, Eagle, ID
#3 Ben Hinkle, Meridian, ID
#5 Dylan Stacy, Middleton, ID
#82 Dayne Amyx, Boise, ID 

Hoosier Tire Bonus:
Win a Feature with  Hoosier Tires and become  eligible for a bonus tire draw

Dirty Cup — 2011  Friday & Saturday Points Champion
500 Open - Trevor Miran
500 Sportsman - Ron Ratterree
250 Midget - Jay Cook
Open Flat - Rich Jerrett
Jr. 500 - Dylan Stacy
125/250f - Kyle Alberding
Hot Rod - Daytona Wurtz
Box Stock - Chase Parker
Bandit - Brenna Patton



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  1. Donovan Johns says:

    I want to put a $100 sponsorship toward the 500 Sportsman championship. We are going to use our new Electronic Cigarette, Fusion Disposable Electronic Cigarette. But you can shorten it to Fusion Ecig.

    I will bring you a box of each of our flavors, Classic, Menthol, Blueberry, and Pink to put into the concessions. We can give them to you on consignment, and after the event is over, whatever you have sold, you pay for, and return the rest. :) Easy peasy.

    Lastly, we would like to put up two small banners (they are free standing, maybe 2′ wide x 3.5′ tall) at the track as well, one near the concession stand, one near the stands.

    If this is all good with you, please let me know and we will get things set up! I’m excited for the Dirty Cup!


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