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  • 8 Robert Rendo

    8 Robert Rendo

    Legends April 2, 2014 4:55 pm no comments

    Division: Legends Name: Robert Rendo Age: 59 Hometown: Nampa Car#: 8 Years In Racing: 14 Car Owner: Robert Rendo Crew Members: Andy Rendo Sponsors: Reyco Systems Inc.,  Signature Realestate,  Southridge Dental,  Identify Signworks Family: Robin,  Matt,  Nick,  Andy Job Info: Asset Protection Manager Racing Accomplishments: Started racing in motocross switched […]

  • 13 Chance Davis

    13 Chance Davis

    Legends April 2, 2014 4:50 pm no comments

    Division: Legends Name: Chance Davis Age: 17 Hometown: Emmett Car#: 13 Years In Racing: 12 Car Owner: jerry davis Crew Members: Johnethan, Steven, Dustin, Patrick Sponsors: GCAT, Roadnator, Byrite, King D Trucking. Family: Jerry, Becky John, Chance, Ryan, Steven, Miley Job Info: School Racing Accomplishments: Outlaw karts, Jr Stingers, Legends […]

  • 22 Sara Henry

    22 Sara Henry

    Legends May 27, 2013 7:10 pm no comments

    Division: Legends Name: Sara Henry Age: 30 Hometown: Nampa Car#: 22 Years In Racing: 19 Car Owner: Darin Turpen Crew Members: Darin Turpen Joe Alverson Jake Turpen Sponsors: Lavish Salon Wild West Aircraft Rocky Mountain Supply The Stair Guyz Grooming by Sarah Morgan Family: Cathy and Steve Henry Job Info: […]

  • 96 Aubree Wartman

    96 Aubree Wartman

    Legends April 3, 2013 9:00 pm no comments

    Division: Legends Name: Aubree Wartman Age: 16 Hometown: Boise, ID Car#: 96 Years In Racing: 6 Car Owner: Mom and Dad Crew Members: Kirk Wartman (dad) Susan Wartman (mom) Sponsors: River View Mini Storage, Carl’s Cycle Sales, Major Tire and Hitch, Jim’s Drive Train. A special thanks to mom and […]

  • 92 Casey Tillman

    92 Casey Tillman

    Legends June 21, 2012 3:45 pm no comments

    Division: Legends Name: Casey Tillman Age: 20 Hometown: Kuna Car#: 92 Years In Racing: 8 Car Owner: Troy Peterson Crew Members: Troy Peterson Randy Tillman Sponsors: YMC Inc Banner Promotions Affordable Transmission Major Tire & Hitch Taylor-Made Upholstery SPI Transportation 3F Media Identify Signworks Family: Dad Mom Sis Grams Job […]

  • 18 Steve Thimsen

    18 Steve Thimsen

    Legends May 8, 2012 4:28 pm no comments

    Division: Legends Name: Steve Thimsen Age: 51 Hometown: Boise, ID Car#: 18 Years In Racing: 30ish Car Owner: Steve Thimsen Crew Members: Toni Rogers Josh Smith Sponsors: Fast Enterprises Buddies Designated Driver CCS Sign Shop Your Image Hair Styling by Don The Apple Ranch Family: Myself and my 2 sons, […]

  • 01 Daynna Skiver

    Legends May 3, 2012 6:15 pm no comments

    Division: Legends Name: Daynna Skiver Age: 46 Hometown: Meridian Car#: 01 Years In Racing: 2 Car Owner: Daynna Skiver Crew Members: Dave Frickey Louise Frickey Sponsors: Zub Racing Hefner’s Classics Gelato Cafe Fit, LLC Family: Dave Frickey-dad Louise Frickey-mother Sarah-daughter Keysha-daughter Christian-Son Job Info: Idaho Power-Project Manager Racing Accomplishments: I […]

  • 28 Zach Blume

    28 Zach Blume

    Legends March 18, 2012 3:54 pm no comments

    Division: Legends Name: Zach Blume Age: 15 Hometown: Eagle, ID Car#: 28z Years In Racing: 8 Car Owner: Blume Racing Crew Members: Curt Blume Dean Taylor Kirk Wartman Debbie Blume Delaney Blume Sponsors: Squaw Butte Signs Eagle Big O Tire Swiss Air / Peter Summer MickeyRay’s Roadhouse BBQ Modern Woodmen […]

  • 11 Chase Gilbertson

    Legends March 7, 2012 4:09 am no comments

    Division: Legends Name: Chase Gilbertson Age: 16 Hometown: Boise, Idaho Car#: 11 Years In Racing: 6 Car Owner: Kevin Gilbertson/Chase Me Racing Crew Members: Gerald Gilbertson-Grandpa Kris Freedman-Friend Allen Mair-Friend Sponsors: ESI ESI Express Service Division Gilbys Detail FAST Enterprises Primo Powder Coating Major Tire&Hitch Factory Pipe Products Family: Annette […]

  • 4 Darin Turpen

    Legends March 6, 2012 4:22 am no comments

    Drivers Profile: Division: Legends Name: Darin Turpen Age: 36 Hometown: Nampa Idaho Car#: 4 Years In Racing: 5 Car Owner: Rich cron Crew Members: Rich Cron Craig Cotta Cameron Cotta Sponsors: Rocky Mountain Supply Kings Pro Tire LoBujit Racing Craigs Hot Rods Family: Wife Melanie Turpen Kids Jacob 13 Colby […]