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  • 15 DJ Everett

    15 DJ Everett

    Hornets April 2, 2014 4:58 pm no comments

    Division: Hornets Name: DJ Everett Age: 45 Hometown: garden city Car#: 15 Years In Racing: 28 Car Owner: Dj Everett Crew Members: Linda Everett skeeter Stewart Nicole Stewart Cody Garrett Sponsors: G.A.S racing Family: linda everett cj everett carolina izzy Job Info: G4S secure solutions Racing Accomplishments: won two main […]

  • 80 Robert Daugherty

    80 Robert Daugherty

    Driver Profiles, Hornets August 20, 2013 4:32 pm no comments

    Division: Hornets Name: Robert Daugherty Age: 33 Hometown: Caldwell Car#: 80 Years In Racing: 1 Car Owner: Robert Daugherty Crew Members: None Sponsors: Riverside Inc. Rapid wood manufacturing Family: Cassea Daugherty, Bailey Daugherty, Danylle Daugherty, Ruger dog, Coma dog Job Info: Riverside Inc. out of Parma, Id Racing Accomplishments: None […]

  • 68 Neil Evans

    68 Neil Evans

    Driver Profiles, Hornets August 6, 2013 3:30 pm no comments

    Division: Hornets Name: Neil Evans Age: 66 Hometown: Middleton Car#: 68 Years In Racing: Rookie Car Owner: Nei Evans Crew Members: Kenny Piatt Jim Bailey Jim Thompson Clint Ward Sponsors: Middleton Baptist Church Piatt Excavating West Valley Welding Code3 Uniforms Family: Wife: Diane Son: Jeff & Melissa Daughter: Alisa & […]

  • 71 Michael Capps

    71 Michael Capps

    Driver Profiles, Hornets July 30, 2013 3:46 am no comments

    Division: Hornets Name: Michael Capps Age: 42 Hometown: Meridian, ID Car#: 71 Years In Racing: 2 yrs Car Owner: Michael Capps Crew Members: Jacob Capps Noah Capps Sponsors: Capps Construction & Custom Design, Nobel Construction, Premier Signs Inc, Parks Royal Body Works, Glass Doctor, Sublime Electric, Allstar Plumbing, CFI Flooring […]

  • 09 Stafford Smith

    09 Stafford Smith

    Driver Profiles, Hornets July 30, 2013 12:05 am no comments

    Division: Hornets Name: Stafford Smith Age: 14 Hometown: Born: Toronto, Canada.  Lives: Eagle, Idaho Car#: 09 Years In Racing: Oval track Rookie.  2 Years Karting. Car Owner: Barker/Hayes/Smith Crew Members: Chad Barker Kent Smith Ron Hayes Sponsors: Global Peace Factory Coffee Houses of Dallas Texas Solo Equipped Helmets Family: Kent […]

  • 01 Hunter Gates

    01 Hunter Gates

    Driver Profiles, Hornets July 1, 2013 4:33 am no comments

    Division: Hornets Name: Hunter Gates Age: 14 Hometown: Nampa Idaho Car#: 01 Years In Racing: Four Car Owner: Steve Gates Crew Members: Steve Gates Sponsors: Banner promotions YMC inc. Mieneke on Overland Family: Steve Gates Catherine Gates James Gates Sydney Anderson Mitch Anderson Job Info: None Racing Accomplishments: This is […]

  • 04 Kenny Driebergen

    04 Kenny Driebergen

    Hornets June 18, 2013 12:49 am 1 comment

    Division: Hornets Name: Kenny Age: 55 Hometown: Eagle Car#: 04 Years In Racing: 1 Car Owner: Kenny Driebergen Crew Members: Larry Englehardt Jason Miller Brandon Hild Sponsors: Allison Concrete Allen Mcgee with Ams oil Leroy Mcdonough Shafer Chiropractic Family: Betty  (wife) Bunch Family Hild Family Job Info: St. Lukes […]

  • 32 Bill Allen

    Hornets June 18, 2013 12:45 am no comments

    Division: Hornets Name: Bill Allen Age: 50 Hometown: Meridian, Idaho Car#: 32 Years In Racing: 5 Car Owner: Lisa Allen Crew Members: Kodi Newberry Matt Allen Tim Allen Martin Anderson Sponsors: Rocky Mountain Lawn Co. Disaster Kleenup of Idaho The Fire Extiguisher Company Commercial Tire Family: Lisa Allen Matt Allen […]

  • 02 Drew Crenshaw

    02 Drew Crenshaw

    Hornets May 8, 2013 3:20 pm 1 comment

    Division: Hornets Name: Drew Crenshaw Age: 27 Hometown: Nampa Car#: 02 Years In Racing: 0 Car Owner: Drew Crenshaw Crew Members: Mike Anderson Berry Tyller Discount tire Meridian Crew Sponsors: Discount tire Bender Electric Modern Welding Meridian Auto motive Falken tire Sticker Mafia Family: My wife Michelle Daughter Dallas and […]

  • 78 Rick Howe

    78 Rick Howe

    Hornets May 1, 2013 2:01 am no comments

    Division: Hornets Name: Rick Howe Age: 35 Hometown: Meridian Car#: 78 Years In Racing: 1st year Car Owner: Rick Howe Crew Members: Any one that wants to help Sponsors: Whole Sale Fire Places Of Idaho Family: Wife, Lauren Kids, Jason,Megan&Ryder Job Info: Flooring Installation Racing Accomplishments: None Yet Website: Twitter […]