The 2014 Meridian Speedway schedule of events is starting to take shape and we are happy to announce the formation of the Big 5 Meridian Latemodel Series. It’s Big 5 logoaddition to the diverse line up racing offered at Meridian Speedway is sure to please.

Series officials have just recently started to discuss the possibilities and advantages of title marketing partners. The series is named after the 5 rules that make up the restrictions on entries and ironically the race dates also total 5.
Each event is a great opportunity to not only see some great racing, but it’s also a great way to tap into the competitive advertising market.

We are proud to once again partner with NAPA Auto Parts stores of the Treasure Valley as they lend their brand to the event slated for July 26th. Employees and customers will once again take part in the VIP events and hospitality provided prior to the start of the longest race in the series.

The 39th running of the Bill Crow Memorial 50 in May provides the history and tradition, while the two 75 lappers in April and June are the stepping stones of endurance for teams preparing for the NAPA Auto Parts Treasure Valley 125 in July and the Labor Day 100 in August.

For more information contact Adam Nelson at the Meridian Speedway offices, 208-888-1813 or contact by email at anelson07x@yahoo.combig5proposal

Meridian Big 5 Latemodel Series (Tentative Race Dates)
April 26 Season Opener 75
May 31 Bill Crow 50
June 14 Gem State 75
July 26 NAPA Auto Parts Treasure Valley 125
Aug 31 Labor Day 100

The Series will be managed by the WWS administration and officials.

The basis of the rule book was layed out by the competitors.
1. All entries must have a full latemodel style body.
2. Rear spoiler not to exceed 6 ½” x 60”
3. Minimum weight pre main event and post qualifying is 2900 lbs.
4. 58% Maximum left side weight pre main event and post qualifying.
5. Maximum wheel width is 10”.

All events will be officiated by WWS officials & staff.
Minimum Specifications as layed out in Section 3 of the Meridian rule book will be applicable.

WWS race format and technical inspections will be used.
Lap counts will vary.

All feature races, with the exception of the Bill Crow 50, will be no less than 75 laps.
Feature races, 75 laps or less will include a trophy dash and 12 lap heat races.
Feature races, 100 laps or more will include a trophy dash and no heat races.
The series tire will be announced.

Race day tires shall be stamped/scanned and or logged prior to the final practice of the day and/or prior to time trials at the discretion of the tire tech.
Stamped/scanned tires must be run in all events on raceday.
Right side tires may be replaced no sooner than (with exception of destruction thereof) every two (2) consecutive races.
Left side tires may be replaced no sooner that (with exception of destruction thereof) every (3) consecutive races
A “race” is considered only when you compete in all racing activities on that race date.
All tires entered must be stamped/scanned or branded to be legal to race.
Sipping is not allowed.
Practice tires may be purchased for practice only.
If any competitor in the top 5 in the current points, destroys a tire during an incident on the track and needs to purchase a replacement, he/she may do so at the discretion of the series director or promoter. If the series director or promoter deems that the
replacement tire will give an unfair advantage, the promoter may then approve all cars entered in that event to take the option to purchase a new tire for that corner(s) of the car. The new tire will then need to be stamped and run at (2) consecutive races prior to being replaced again.
All tires and tire rotations will stay with the car/owner. If there is a driver change, tires stay with the car.
RF and RR tires must be used/stamped at a minimum of two (2) race events before a new replacement is approved for competition.
LF and LR tires must be used/stamped at a minimum of three (3) race events before a new replacement is approved for competition.
Tires must be branded/stamped to be legal to race
Tire/Wheels may be impounded by and stored by WWS at the conclusion of each event. Impounded tires will be released at a predetermined time on the following raceday.



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