It the words of Brent Arte (our infield track announcer)
I have had the pleasure of writing for Idaho racing news numerous times over the last few years and love to share my stories from the announcers booth at meridian speedway, i get to know many great people and become friends as well. Last week i was crushed to hear that one of our most exciting racers was tragically lost in an auto accident and Brian asked for memories to be shared here for Art Heath. Seeing every lap of every race and getting to call the races for seven years, i cant tell you how many times i have had the pleasure to call an exciting Art the animal move, or pass, or win. I will always remember two main things, after a complete butt whooping of everyone on the track, amazing moves in THE fastest hornet out there JT and i could guarentee, that coming for the checkers…..Art would give the flagman and myself a good hard slap to the front stretch wall to wake us up!!! Then after celebrating on top of his car, arms raised, and a smile a mile wide every time, he would jump down and the first thing he would say after i congratulated him was a heartfelt thankyou and handshake before we started our post race interviews. I remember walking throug the pits, before or after the races, and he ALWAYS went out of his way to thank me for what i did, tell me good job, and again, huge smile and handshake to go with it. I just talk about the racing, its people like Art that deserve the thanks, the congratualations, the accolades. I had the pleasure of visiting with him, watching him, and getting to know him both at the track and away. Last year it was very visable that he was a huge part in the future of racing as the hornet and jr stinger division cars came on to the track and it seemed like every week there was another driver adding “animal racing” to the sponsor list, most of them telling me that without Art, they wouldnt be racing that week. We are all race fans, but we need to realize that we are all spouses, parents, friends, and assets to this world as well, and we unfortunately forget that sometimes until moments like this, when we remmeber, and look back at a person like Art that is gone too soon. My heart aches for his little daughter, his wife, and his family that knew him so much better than i did. It comes down to the reality that we need to enjoy every minute of every day with those we love and care for, for those that we look up to and those that look up to us. Thank you Art the animal Heath, the master of disaster, for your amazing racing, amazing friendship and amazing help in both the racing community and our community overall. You left this workd too soon, but you left us all some great memories. God speed and god bless your family



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