Division: Pepsi Sprint Cars
Name: Mike AndersonDCIM100GOPRO
Age: 46
Hometown: Nampa
Car#: 68
Years In Racing: 10
Car Owner: Mike Anderson
Crew Members: Misty Anderson
Barry Frandsen
Robin Frandsen
Big Mike
Tyler Hampton
Sponsors: Anderson 68 Racing
Bender Electric Services
Dermatology & Laser Center of Canyon County
Peterson Painting
Idaho Plumbing Company
Blue Heron Distributing

Family: Misty Anderson
Barry Frandsen
Robbin Frandsen
Jordon Anderson
Jacoby Anderson
Shelby Moe
Vicky Anderson
Keith Anderson
Tyler Hampton
Kristina Anderson
Trevor Anderson
Dusti Anderson
Job Info: Bender Electric Services  Journey man Electrician Partner

Anderson 68 Racing and Auto Repair Owner
Racing Accomplishments: 4th points in hornets 2004 season
raced 6 cylinder open wheels 2005
raced legends 2005
5th Points Pepsi sprints 2012
Website: rammrman@gmail.com
Twitter Page: rammrman@gmail.com
Facebook Page: rammrman@gmail.com


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