Division: Pepsi Sprint Cars
Name: Mike AndersonDCIM100GOPRO
Age: 46
Hometown: Nampa
Car#: 68
Years In Racing: 10
Car Owner: Mike Anderson
Crew Members: Misty Anderson
Barry Frandsen
Robin Frandsen
Big Mike
Tyler Hampton
Sponsors: Anderson 68 Racing
Bender Electric Services
Dermatology & Laser Center of Canyon County
Peterson Painting
Idaho Plumbing Company
Blue Heron Distributing

Family: Misty Anderson
Barry Frandsen
Robbin Frandsen
Jordon Anderson
Jacoby Anderson
Shelby Moe
Vicky Anderson
Keith Anderson
Tyler Hampton
Kristina Anderson
Trevor Anderson
Dusti Anderson
Job Info: Bender Electric Services  Journey man Electrician Partner

Anderson 68 Racing and Auto Repair Owner
Racing Accomplishments: 4th points in hornets 2004 season
raced 6 cylinder open wheels 2005
raced legends 2005
5th Points Pepsi sprints 2012
Website: rammrman@gmail.com
Twitter Page: rammrman@gmail.com
Facebook Page: rammrman@gmail.com



  1. this is your wife good luck tomorrow love you

  2. This is your daghters and grandson good luck

  3. Did you go last night because uncel jeff said that there were some races last night shelby, jordon and jacoby

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