Division: Winged Sprint Cars
Name: Sierra Jackson
Age: 19
Hometown: Middleton, Id
Car#: 25j
Years In Racing: 14
Car Owner: Mike Jackson

Crew Members:
~Mike Jackson
~Larry “Meat” Hull
~Larry “Bo” Hull
~Matt Wright

~Spiers Construction

Mike Jackson
Diane Wroten
Char Jackson
Kenny Wroten
August Jackson
Kate Jackson

Job Info: St. Lukes Medical Center
Racing Accomplishments: NSRA 2011 Championship
Website: www.sierrajacksonracing.com
Twitter Page:
Facebook Page:


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  1. Paul says:

    I watched Sierra Jackson this weekend at Western Speedway. This young girl at the age of 22 is amazing. I was lucky enough to meet her. She is very nice and it was great talking to her.{ she is cute to] Thanks Sierra and good luck from a fan in Victoria BC Canada.

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