Division: Jr. Stingers
Name: cody garrett
Age: 15
Hometown: boise. idaho
Car#: 18
Years In Racing: 4
Car Owner: bob garrett
Crew Members: dad, nick durbin, skeeter, pops
Sponsors: fast signs, grandparents, biog o tires,
Family: mom, dad, grandparents, pops,
Job Info: build fences, part time construction with my dad
Racing Accomplishments: 2011 meridianspeedway jr stinger track champion, track redcord holder 9 main event wins
Twitter Page:
Facebook Page: cody garrett



  1. Aj says:

    He’s my gweedoo

  2. Alisha says:

    He is in the HORNETS not the Jr. Stingers!!!!!1

  3. joseph voilm says:

    get a thunderdog.

  4. joseph volm says:

    did u get a thunderdog yet :)

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